We're halfway there... Happy July 1st!

Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since I've sat down and just got my thoughts together to share with you what's been going on, updates on my Black in Brazil project, etc. These last 6 months of 2016 have been full of surprises, amazing experiences, learning opportunities, and CHANGE. Honestly, I'm all for change until it happens to me... 

One of my biggest personal goals is to learn how to live. That may sound a bit strange but I'm an over thinker who plans for everything and as soon as something steps out of the plans I so carefully thought out, my world is over. I'm slowly learning to just live in the moment and plan for things that matter. Not only that, but to have enough faith in God to not freak out when things don't go my way; all it means is that God has better plans for my life and I need to learn to live.

With that being said, I was motivated to write this after reading a blog post from one of my favorite humans ever, Mrs. Findlay ;p, regarding the half-year mark and what it meant to her. Although these last 6 months have totally changed my life (in small and big ways), I'm ready to do more and expect more out of the next 6 months. 

This past April, I presented my magazine at the AIGA Spot Showcase and had an amazing time! Of course so many things went wrong that day but I had to keep my purpose in mind and that really helped me get through the day. The feedback I received from my friends, family, and complete strangers, was so encouraging and it pushed me to continue pursuing this project. My goal is to feature more stories, include information on the African culture of Brazil, feature other artists, and re-release the magazine either at the end of this year or beginning 2017. Check out the website and leave some feedback! That is always welcomed. 

On May 6, 2016, I had the honor of graduating from the University of Central Florida with my Master's Degree in Mass Communication and Graduate Certificates in Corporate Communication and Entrepreneurship. For those who know what I've been through to put myself through school, understand that if it wasn't for God's unchanging favor in my life I would not have made it to where I am now. It has been such a humbling experience and fortunately, I did a little traveling after graduation.

Now... on to adulting. I was blessed to be offered a job at the same university a week before graduation and that's where I am now! I'm currently working in the Provost Office doing Communications and Marketing with some pretty awesome people! At this point, I'm enjoying where I currently am in life and learning to take it step by step. I've recently finished a few projects that resulted in new clients which I am thankful for and I pray that God continues to guide me in all that I do. 

Feel free to check out my most recent work and as always I'm grateful for your support!