Signed, Sealed, Delivered...

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate." –Mark 10:9

How we got here. 

Although we met in college, we didn't become close until the big move to Orlando. The reason I refer to this as a 'big move' is because of what it would result in: fulfilling our passions. We started hanging out right away and became very close friends. He was the first person I reached out to when I was excited, nervous, happy or sad and I was okay with that. We had many odds against us, him being one of those odds sometimes lol, but I somehow knew he was the man God created for me. I couldn't explain it, but I felt it. We fell in love before the official dating began and I couldn't have written a better story for us. I didn't have to get to know my boyfriend or get used to him... he was already my best friend and the man I was in love with. We got married on our one-year anniversary, which is still crazy to me sometimes, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

The vows.

I bugged this man for the longest asking whether or not he had written his vows, even though mine were nonexistent. Five days before the wedding, he finally tells me he had it written for a while already and I felt like the big slacker that I am. Instead of focusing on my own vows, I was too busy being nosy and bothering him #noshame. I got it together [3 days before the wedding] and finally wrote them. It felt amazing. I couldn't believe I was writing my wedding vows! I was ready to become Mrs. Law. 

He got to say his vows first, which was a blessing because I needed time due to the state I was in [but that's a story for another time]. Let's just say I partied a little too hard the night before. Anyway, here's my little honey looking all accomplished after saying his vows. 


So, now it was my turn. I really felt every word as I said them. I swear if Stevie's Signed, Sealed, Delivered played in the background, it would've been perfect. I didn't think this moment would happen when it did, but the fact that we were both so ready just filled my heart with joy. We didn't need time to figure things out; we just knew. We were ready to give ourselves to one another in the presence of our favorite people and God. But most importantly, God. 

We spoke about our union beforehand and I stressed the fact that we must keep God first in our marriage, or we will not make it. I long to live a fulfilled life in love. Since God is love, He cannot be anywhere but at the center. Our relationship has been anything but easy. Through all of the obstacles, the feeling of him being made for me never left. I prayed so much, sometimes too much, asking God if this is really what He orchestrated for my life and the answer has always been yes. I'm overwhelmed with happiness and gratefulness and saying those vows solidified that I am living proof of God's favor.

I finished my vows by saying the quoted Bible verse at the beginning of this post because I understand that marriage is hard. I've witnessed enough to know that. But, I wanted to enter this union with the understanding that no one on this earth can separate what God has joined together. 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered... I'm Yours!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered... I'm Yours!


Birthday Queen.

I'm squeezing a lot into this post, but I'm too obsessed with this day to not shout myself out. It's my birthday!!! This is the start of my new year and I'm excited for what 26 has in store for me. I pray that it brings endless laughs, amazing experiences, a trip I've been waiting on for years *wink wink* and a lot less stress. I've been working on eliminating stress by not giving power to things I cannot change. I crave for positivity and understand the importance of protecting my energy.

We're off to New York tomorrow for a long weekend of fun and I'm so ready to spend time with my favorite person in one of my favorite cities.