Our first Christmas

I can't believe my favorite time of year is here and I couldn't be happier to be sharing this with my husband. Still weird saying that btw. But, although we've had 3 Christmases together [friends + dating], this one is particularly special. We started a tradition in 2014 of putting up the tree and decorating together as we listen to our favorite Christmas music. It wasn't supposed to be a tradition... I just didn't want to do it lol. I asked him to come help me and he did. The following year he almost flipped when I was about to put it up without him. He said "it's our thing", and it has been ever since.

Fast-forward to 2017.

This year has been my favorite, not only because I got married [although it's a close second], but because I experienced the most change ever. I'm happy to have made it to this season when so many weren't as fortunate. I'm sure my hubby was not expecting to be a dog-dad this soon, but we're both in love with our little Bella and she made Christmas that much sweeter. We put up our tree a lot earlier than usual this year due to scheduling issues, but it's been a joy coming home to it every day!

I am one of those "Christmas" people who listen to Christmas music nonstop right after Thanksgiving [because that's when 107.7 comes through to bless us Orlando residents].

 Shameless plug: go check out my hubby’s arrangement to two Christmas songs—Let it Snow + The Christmas Song

I hoped to start more traditions this year, but we didn't have the time to dedicate. Next year, I already have a line up of things I want us to try. One thing we did on a whim and will definitely be a yearly activity in the Law household is our Christmas picture. When I say on a whim... we did it on a Sunday morning right before Gerald left for church because I knew we wouldn't have time after that while there was sun out. The bloopers have been a hit so far! And, I loved them so much, that I made Christmas cards to send out to our family and close friends.

Merry Christmas.

I want to wish everyone who's reading this a merry merry Christmas and the happiest new year. I think happiness has become so superficial in our current time and it's saddening. I'm a victim of it, too. I want us all to experience real and true happiness while we're on this earth... our "time is like a toddler in a tiara–precious and short" [Keegan-Michael Key in Pitch Perfect 2] 😛 But seriously! It's the truth. Let's start loving ourselves more, loving what hurts us less, and putting God before all. I look forward to more growth in 2018 than ever before and I'm excited for what's in store for each and every one of us.