Mini wedding + venue update

*Updated Post*

My hubby and I got engaged in July and decided to get married on our one-year dating anniversary, which gave us about a month to plan. We wanted a small and intimate wedding, especially because we had already booked a trip for that same day prior to deciding to get married. Although we always knew we’d get married [he made sure of that before he even asked me to be his girlfriend] and we knew we wanted to keep our anniversary date, we didn’t know it would happen this soon. I thought I wanted a bigger wedding later, which is why I referred to this as the “mini wedding”, but turns out I would rather use our money wisely haha.

Mini wedding

Back in July, we decided that we were going to have a small and intimate wedding [aka the mini wedding] for our families on our anniversary. After discussing it further, he pointed out that our close friends should at least know about it so that it's not a surprise. Every single one of them were ready to buy a plane ticket when they heard the news! We were overwhelmed with love.

It meant as much as it did because not only did our anniversary fall on a Thursday, we had flights to LA booked since May for that same day at 2 p.m. Since we planned on having just family there, getting married on a Thursday morning wasn't an issue. My very awesome co-worker came through for me at the last minute and officiated the wedding, making it that much better! Here are some of my favorite pictures from that morning [click to scroll through], taken by our talented friend Kadeem [@shotby3d]:



The minimoon! We had been looking forward to this little vacation for a while now. The last trip we had was in February when we went to Puerto Rico, so this was really overdue. The itinerary I made [yes, I do those] had LA for the first two days and San Diego for the last two. While we went to both destinations, our plans changed a bit. I got sick first and then passed it on to him... or he could've just caught it the same way I did, who knows?

The first day wasn't exactly what we planned because our flight was delayed, so by the time we landed, we just wanted food and sleep. We went to In-n-Out hoping for the amazingness we see on social media + the disappointment was REAL. Burger was okay and fries were terrible but it did the job! Our Airbnb was located in Burbank and our hosts were great! No complaints there.

I was awake by 5:30 a.m. the next morning and forced myself to sleep for another hour #yaytimedifference. We got ready, ate breakfast, and headed to the Hollywood sign [no, we did not hike all the way up]. After the mini photoshoot [#sonecessary], we changed and headed to Venice and rode bikes to the Santa Monica Pier. It was such a great experience and doing it with him made it even better. We ended the day by driving out to Malibu to eat sushi [#favey] at Nobu


The next morning, we ate at Roscoe's and headed to San Diego! That drive... that drive smh. We got to my friend's house [shout out to Kenesha] and just passed out. The sick was just taking over! We took a nap and headed to a bar to watch the FSU game [#gonoles]. The next day was Sunday and our last day in California so we wanted to have some fun. We got up and went out to brunch at the cutest spot downtown. Annnd, I was done after that. My throat was killing me and unfortunately, I needed sleep. We made the best of it and just ate while watching family guy once we woke up [#marriedcoupleish]. The vacation really gave us a chance to enjoy each other away from the madness that is everyday life and I'm so appreciative of the time I got to spend with my hubby! 

Venue update

Our wedding venue! I'm super excited for this place. It's literally everything I was looking for! When we decided to get married, naturally, I started looking at venues. Sadly, most places were pricy and had a set list of vendors we'd get stuck with. I was not okay with that. I'm too much of a control freak to conform and I'd have to let go of some of my ideas. 

I've been using TheKnot to plan the wedding and it provides a venue search option with reviews! I live for reviews. Based on my criteria, The Balcony Orlando just happened to be perfect! I emailed the venue coordinator about a tour and just from emailing her, I knew I'd like this place. Luckily my OCD personality led me to research this venue and I came across a Facebook event for an open house they were hosting. Every bride who attended and decided to book would receive 15% off! I'm all for discounts!

The open house was great and it allowed for us to build a relationship with the coordinators. Everything about the venue was perfect and we have the choice to use whatever vendor we want! When we stopped by to discuss our proposal + contract, mimosas and macaroons were waiting on us. They were very accommodating and willing to work with us to bring our vision to life. When we left, they gave us a bottle of wine as a gift. So thoughtful!

I'll be starting on the save the date design soon, along with a few other stationery for the wedding. They will be up on the blog + the inspiration behind them. 

Simple Blyss

About 6-7 years ago, I made a Tumblr profile because it was the thing. Years later, I actually still love the social network and waste valuable time on it when I can't sleep. Anywho... I named my page []. I chose those two words because of what they mean together:

Simple: easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.

Bliss: perfect happiness; great joy.

I love the idea of our passion, whatever it may be, easily bringing us great joy. That is what my passion brings me.

For a while now, I've been contemplating a rebrand of my site to allow for it become more than what it's been; a platform for me to express myself and my work. I love to make clients excited about seeing their vision come to life and feel confident about their brand. But, one thing I haven't been great at is creating just for me. My goal with this rebrand is to start creating just because and not letting my responsibilities take away from it.