Micah’s one-month update!

Throughout my pregnancy, I heard “time flies” more than ever before. Now, of course I already knew that, but experiencing that with my own child has been… interesting. I won’t say it’s bad because I love witnessing all of his many developmental changes! But, I can’t say it’s good either because I know how quickly he’ll grow. Sometimes I do things [like write this blog post] while holding him just to maximize our time together. Other times, he’s too fussy for mommy to get anything done lol. 

His first month has been amazing! Micah has so much personality and he doesn’t hold back. I love how expressive and alert he already is. Being that he’s our first baby and we’ve never done this before, adjusting to parenthood has taught us a lot about each other and also amplified what we already knew [mommy takes way longer to leave the house than daddy does…]. 


Our biggest challenge during month one was the beginning when Micah wasn’t really gaining any weight. It wasn’t until halfway through week 2 that he started to gain weight and mommy was relieved! Since then, he’s been growing and we just couldn’t have imagined a more perfect baby. I was inspired by a mommy blogger to write these updates and I can’t wait to look back at them years from now and show him all things Micah!

At one month, Micah:

Weighs: 9lbs 4oz

”Stands at”: 20in

Wears: NB clothing + size 1 diaper

Loves: being held at all times, which can be pretty tough when you’re home alone and have things to do. He loves being outside or just looking outside through the window — it’ll literally calm him down if he’s fussy and keep his attention for a long time. Talk to him, making eye contact, and he’ll be happy!

Hates: tummy time [although he’s so great at it], being put down by mommy [daddy is more successful at this], and when you’re not giving him your undivided attention.