Micah’s two-month update!

A few days ago, hubby and I went on a baby-free date. While we were out, he asked how I felt about parenthood so far as we’ve made it to 2 months. I wanted to sincerely think about my answer before just saying, “it’s been great!” While that’s true, it’s been more complex than just ‘great’. I feel like we were meant to do this. Almost like we weren’t complete before Micah became a part of our family and he totally agreed. It sounds weird, I know, but it’s the truth!

Two months later and we can clearly notice his personality developing and his intelligence growing. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m someone’s mommy! Lol. I’m looking forward to taking him out to more places and experiencing his interests sparking with each and every new adventure.


I’m so glad he’s growing and is very healthy. I know I have to keep it together for my baby, but I am not the best person to deal with health issues because my mind takes me all the way to the worst possible scenario. He’s the best sleeper at night, and instead of fully enjoying it, I’m up constantly checking if he’s still breathing #crazymomalert.

We’ve succeeded in getting him to nap and go down for bedtime on his own. I thought this would take several tries, but it worked from the first time we tried it. I did some research and it’s a good idea to get babies to learn that they don’t need mommy or daddy in order to go to sleep. So, one afternoon when we noticed he was sleepy after a feeding, we changed and swaddled him and just put him in his pack n’ play with his pacifier. After some baby talk to himself, he was knocked out! He really is a great baby.

At two months, Micah:

Weighs: 10lbs 5oz

”Stands at”: 22 in

Wears: 0-3 mo clothing + size 1 diaper

Loves: he still loves being held a lot, but we can put him down without crying or fussiness a lot more than before. Smiling! I swear he is probably a much happier baby than I was because he smiles all the time and my baby pictures don’t reflect much of that lol. If it’s a rare day that we take off his mittens, he loves holding on to our fingers and will not let go — I’m not sure where he gets this strength from!

Hates: absolutely hates waiting on his food. This has been true since he was born, but now that his crying is getting louder and louder, it’s even worse. He’s not very fond of being in the car if someone isn’t sitting back there with him. Being that we can’t drive and sit with him at the same time, this makes it for some fussy car rides.