Project update: Juaquina She

Juaquina She is a poet and public speaker based in Orlando, FL. When she reached out to me, she was so thorough in describing her poetry book and the vision behind it. I was immediately on board! I love working with people who are genuine; I find that it makes me feel fulfilled at the end of our journey together. Anyway, her work really does speak for itself. Her willingness to pour her own story into her work is really admirable. She initially reached out to me for a book cover, but after discussing her options, she decided to hire me for the entire book project, including full formatting. A few months later, she reached out once again to work on a complete rebrand.

Juaquina She.jpg

First, we explored Juaquina’s inspiration for the book cover design portion of the project and discussed her “why” and vision for it. She had a great and clear vision for what she wanted, and she said the one word that makes me love my clients even more: minimal! She wanted a clean design with subtle femininity. After presenting 3 different options, she loved them all but preferred one, with minor tweaks. This was the easy part…

Formatting the book had its challenges, including losing the file half-way into the project. Starting over was no fun, but she was so understanding and sweet. I was already experiencing mommy brain [4 months pregnant] and I just couldn’t believe that was happening. We were able to meet her desired deadline in spite of the obstacles and I was so relieved. Like the cover, we had minor tweaks to the inside of the book, but overall it came out just as she envisioned it. I was very excited to experience sending the file off to get printed with her. Her happiness alone gave me all of the feels!

Book Mock.jpg

Once we were finished with the book, she reached back out to me because she was ready for a rebrand. I have to brag a little here… she was so prepared with everything that I needed and SUCH a clear vision for her brand. She really did make my job that much easier! I had a great time developing her brand and working on a completely different and more modern logo, a feminine and neutral color palette, and determining her web presence to make sure it reflects her new brand.

Check out the mood board and the final elements:

brand identity.jpg