Project update: Passion Fueled

Passion Fueled is a surprise volunteering travel agency that plans service trips in the United States and Internationally. Each trip allows you to donate your time and explore your destination as a local. You won’t know where you are going or what you are doing. But you will make a difference! Their mission is to use volunteering and the element of surprise as a vehicle for positive change.

Melissa, co-founder, is a dear friend of mine and when she came to me about working on this project, I was thrilled! I met her friend Alexis, co-founder, virtually and knew that I’d have a great time working with these two. They were extremely organized — it got to the point where they had things done before I even asked for them. I am not exaggerating here. Between these two amazing women, they’ve traveled all over the world and have served so many right here in Orlando and abroad. This business is beyond fitting.

Passion Fueled.jpg

The perk of having super organized clients is the ability to get right to work! Now, I fully understand that when it’s your first time working with a designer or your first time starting a business, you may not know where to start, which can lead to a little bit of a delay — this is totally fine. They knew about the process and were able to be organized before even reaching out to me. After going over their inspiration and having conversations about my vision for their project, we got right to work.

I already knew how I wanted to design their logo, so we started with the website. Their business has many layers, so I knew this would take the longest. Both Melissa and Alexis were very receptive to all of my ideas, while still providing feedback to help me fully execute their vision. Being that Melissa and I live in the same city, I got to have her come to my house and sit with me while I worked on certain parts of their project, taking away some of the back and forth feedback process. Their branding package included collateral items such as letterhead, business cards, thank you cards, mailing packages, etc. I promised them that as soon as I can, I’ll be booking my passion trip through their company.

Check out the mood board and the final elements:

brand identity.jpg

Ready to work?

I’d love for the opportunity to work with you and bring your vision to life. It’s always an honor to work with my fellow entrepreneurs!