Micah’s three-month update!

Baby boy is three months! I still can’t believe I’m a mom sometimes… let alone his mom. He’s such a special kid who seems to make everyone fall in love the minute they meet him and I get to have him all to myself! Well, myself and his daddy, but I’m his favorite lol. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories on any given day, you’ll notice how obsessed I am with my kid. I feel like I get daily reminders from my followers of how alert, grown, advanced etc. he is! And, while that’s awesome, I’m over here in shock that I literally just had this little kicking baby in my tummy! Time is not kind.


In other #MicahNews, we’ve got a teething baby on our hands. He nearly chokes himself when trying to fit his hand in his mouth out of frustration lol. He’s not the most patient baby and I know who he gets that from. I love watching him with his teething mitten [which is literally 3 times the size of his hand] just trying to get the thing in his mouth. To be completely honest, I’m not looking forward to what the discomfort may bring… I’m hoping, just like everything else, it doesn’t bring overnight fussiness or crazy fevers. I can’t imagine him going through that!

He’s still our perfect little sleeping angel. I love it when people see us and go straight for the popular question “are you getting any sleep?” I gladly answer: yep… plenty. Because he’s rolling over, we’re no longer swaddling him and I thought that was going to be tough for him but it seems like this boy just doesn’t play about his sleep. After his last feeding when he’s clean and in his jammies, we just put him down in the pack ‘n play and he just drifts off to sleep. His pack ‘n play came with a napper that he got pretty attached to, but luckily he let it go after 2 tries. The first try was not a successful one… he cried until he was put back in the napper; I don’t know how these babies just know things. I’m so impressed with his development!

At three months, Micah:

Weighs: 12lbs 6oz

”Stands at”: 24 in

Wears: 3-6 mo clothing + size 1 diaper [but a few past poops might be telling us that this is changing soon]

Loves: we’ve discovered a new and deep love for him: phones. He will gladly focus on a phone screen for as long as I let him. It can either be a video or just a picture — he loves it. I posted a cute video of him watching a basketball game on his daddy’s phone and cooing like he really knew what was going on! He also loves talking… and he will talk until he decides he no longer wants to. Don’t you dare stop talking to him if you get tired… he does not allow that. It’s seriously the cutest thing!

Hates: not only does he hate waiting on his food, he hates it when he reaches the end of a bottle and we take it out of his mouth. I’m not sure what he expects to happen once the milk is done, but we are apparently the worst for taking it away from him so that he can be burped. He will cry and scream and kick until he burps and realizes we’re not monsters. Like I said… special kid ;)