Project update: Jarel Communications

Wendy reached out to me looking to revamp her brand and online presence. She runs a customer-driven communications business and focuses on three [necessary] core values: excellence, collaboration and integrity. I was excited to work on her project because her purpose was obvious — she aims to develop her clients’ vision without being dishonest.

I was excited to work with someone in my field [I have a master’s in communication], who understood the importance of powerful and truthful content. Wendy already had a website and she was ready for the next level in her business, which is where I came in! We talked about what worked and didn’t work with her already established brand, I provided recommendations based on our conversations and her mission, and we got to work.

Jarel Communications.jpg

One thing I really appreciated about working with her was her ability to give feedback. Great feedback, at that. Now, that may sound silly, but not all feedback is good feedback. When working with anyone who’s a creative, the best type of feedback has substance. There’s a huge difference between: “eh… I’m not feeling this, just change it and I’ll see how I feel about it.” and “I really don’t like this block of text here without some sort of hierarchy in the text, so maybe we can add some headings?” I’m totally making these examples up, but it definitely makes my job easier when my clients are able to pinpoint exactly what they need from me.

My favorite aspect about this project is its simplicity and minimalistic features. The soft blue sections on the website are beautiful! I’m happy to have brought Wendy’s vision to life and I knew she needed a brand that reflected her genius. Cheers to helping women entrepreneurs!

Check out the mood board and the final elements:

brand identity.jpg

Ready to work?

I’d love for the opportunity to work with you and bring your vision to life. It’s always an honor to work with my fellow entrepreneurs!