Micah’s four-month update!

As much as I love writing these posts and sharing Micah’s progress with you guys, it really is hard realizing how quickly he’s growing and before I know it… he’ll be walking and talking. Well, we made it to four months! He changes with every single day and I love watching him figure himself out. One thing that took us by surprise is he’s starting to be selective with who holds him. That was me as a baby and it really never changed. In the beginning, anyone could hold him and he was just fine! Now… we experience the most adorable pout followed by some serious crying that is only soothed if mommy or daddy picks him up.


Micah’s still sleeping great, but man he has his days. I don’t want to upset any mamas by complaining about this, but I miss it when he’d sleep straight through the night. He started having nights where he wakes up once or twice and we’ve been really spoiled because we are not happy campers when he starts crying. I love how expressive he is in the morning, even if it wakes mommy up. He loves talking very, very, very loud when he wakes up, as if he’s testing his vocal cords and making sure they really work.

We get really excited when he notices us and gets happy to see us. He started playing with Bella [in his own little way] and it is the cutest thing ever. At first, he’d stare at her probably trying to figure out what she was. His confused face is hilarious! But, now he’s actually interested in playing with her and when she comes around, he has a huge smile on his face! We have to keep a close eye on him because he likes pulling her ear, and the last thing we need is Bella getting upset.

At four months, Micah:

Weighs: 14lbs 3.5oz

”Stands at”: 24.5 in

Wears: 6 mo clothing [some 3 mo onesies] + size 2 diaper

Loves: I’m really enjoying him discovering new things he can do and then trying them over and over and over again. It’s so cute! He’s figuring out his strength so he loves pushing things away from him, but holding on to them so that he can pull them back in. Even when I nurse him, he has a habit of pushing me away from him and then gets mad since he clearly can’t pull me back in.

Hates: Absolutely HATES being in his swing. It reminds me of a hammock and I’d love to “have” to be in a hammock different times during the day. But, not for Micah. If we don’t strap him in [not too long ago, we didn’t have to] he will do his best to break out. This boy is so fast! He’ll flip over and be almost out if we’re not careful. Needless to say, he’ll be strapped in at all times.