His first Father’s Day.

I could be petty and hold on to my husband’s obliviousness that lead to a pretty big fight on Mother’s Day… I could, but I shan’t. Although I am a petty queen, I’m working on myself. I want to be better in every way imaginable! I mean, if that isn’t the ultimate goal, I don’t know what is. Knowing that my husband has a great heart helps in the quest to be less and less petty.

I get great joy from surprising and gifting those I love. Even when I do things beyond my means, and I do those often, I do it because of how it’ll make them feel — that alone makes me so happy inside. We’re going through some major life changes and part of that requires us to really save our money. But, what does that reallllly mean when talking about his first Father’s Day? NOTHING.

A couple of months ago, he mentioned wanting a pair of Jordan’s. He’s never owned a pair and really wanted to change that. So, I told him it could be his Father’s Day gift and he was thrilled. We stopped by the mall to pick up a couple of things and footlocker was just calling out to us. We decided to go in and check if they had the shoe available, even though they were on sale on the Nike website and our original plan was to order them. After looking around with no luck, I decided to ask for assistance and it just so happened that they had one pair left in the back. He loved them! So, I knew they were going home with us.

Y’all know I don’t play about sales, right? Turns out they were only on sale on the Nike website. But, I asked them to honor it anyway and they did. I would’ve made hubby wait had they said no, so I’m glad that didn’t have to happen. We saved over $20! These are the shoes he had a crush on ;)

Of course I couldn’t let it end there. I mean, I could and he would’ve been happy but I needed to do a few other things. Micah and I had an idea [yes, we talked this out] to take pictures of him holding up the letters “D” and “A” making “DAD”, put them together and made it daddy’s computer’s background while he was sleeping. That was such a cute surprise! I think it’s safe to say he loved it.


Our final surprise was a mini photoshoot with our amazingly talented friend just for hubby and Micah. I wanted to capture some minimal and super natural shots of them in their element. He was able to bring my vision to life with ease and I am forever grateful. I’m a sucker for great photography and seeing how happy he was with the pictures really made my heart happy. Here are some of my favorite shots:

So, I didn’t actually wait for Sunday to give any of my surprises because waiting just isn’t my thing. The only thing I held on to was his card, which he was pretty happy with. Considering he also received one from Bella ;)

I am extremely thankful for my husband and so proud of how amazing he is to our baby. I think it’s safe to say that all of my threats since we met have paid off :D

I can’t wait to watch Micah grow up and learn so much more from his daddy. He already inherited some… interesting mannerisms, so yay! [insert sarcastic face]. He really does deserve all the love and devotion we can give him — I couldn’t ask for a better father for my son.

We love you, daddy! Happy Father’s Day!